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Corte Viola - Selezione Abruzzo

Corte Viola - Selezione Abruzzo

  • Brand:Confezioni/Boxes
  • Typology:Still wine
  • Color:---
  • Denomination:---
  • Quality:---
  • Bottle:Bordolese stemma ( 75 cl )
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BOX WITH THREE LAIN DOWN BOTTLES containing two typical wines from the Region Abruzzo (Central Italy)


1 bottle x Duca della Rocca Rubicone IGT Trebbiano

PRODUCTION AREA: Grapes coming from the IGT area, located in the Provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini and part of Bologna (Emilia-Romagna Region, Central Italy). - COLOUR: Light straw yellow with greenish hues. - BOUQUET: Floral and fruity with hints of green apple and light grassy notes. - TASTE: Fresh, sapid and well balanced with a slightly bitter aftertaste. - FOOD PAIRING: A pleasant wine, easy to drink, suitable to the typical cousin of this region, tortellini and tagliatelle with meat sauce, fresh cheeses, fish and white meats.


2 bottles x Poggio della Quercia Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC

PRODUCTION AREA: Grapes cultivated in the DOC area, the whole hilly coastline and the foothills on the Region of Abruzzo, which in the middle extends towards the mountains with high plateau and valleys. - COLOUR: Intense ruby red with purplish hues. - BOUQUET. - Red fruits aroma like cherry and raspberries. Clear plums notes and hints of spices. - TASTE: Warm and well balanced red wine of good structure with supple tannins, a black fruits aftertaste and a persistent finish. - FOOD PAIRING: First courses with meat sauce, red meat grilled  or in the oven, lamb or sheep, roast pork, rabbit or beef stew, chesses in general, soups or wild game.